When we become out of balance with the field of creation, we begin to decay. We are no longer coordinated with the flow of creation and it begins to wall us off, compacting, even encapsulating energy around our weakest areas until we become sick or dysfunctional and our illness, our dysfunction, continues to deteriorate as blossoming doom. Decay becomes disease and our ultimate consumption from life to nothingness. If we do not become back in tune, in alignment with all of creation, it will consume us until there is nothing left.

When we return back into universal harmonization, there is a momentary bump in our energy system as it reboots. Then, we begin to pulse with the rhythm of timelessness and our healthfulness returns.

Certified Practitioners

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Each Level One Practitioner has spent an entire year becoming proficient at Touching the Light, finding their way to their hearts and souls so that they can deeply work with you as well. They are profficient at all aspects of the Touching the Light healing modality, including the entire etheric anatomy, and have learned to address and repair even the most subtle of problems that may be affecting the health or lives of their clients. Whether you are looking for an in person or long distance sessions, feel free to order a session with any one of these phenomenal human beings! Prices for sessions may vary depending on the location of the practioner.  Please feel free to contact the practitioners of your choice for full information and session appointments! 

Stefanie Scott

Stefanie Scott
Reno NV


My journey into the healing world started in my early twenties. Growing up I was always drawn to the mystical and magical side of things. I experienced an intense battle of darkness through my teen years and early twenties that has given me the perspective and knowledge of the balance between dark and the beautiful world of light where we all belong. 

I started working as an esthetician and bodywork practitioner in 1998, through this work came the love of working on people and passion for helping others. My thirst for knowledge and the truth continued to grow in my focus on spiritual development. My path has taken me through many studies, formal and informal, local teachers and distant, which have blended into the fabric of my work as a healer. I have studied herbalism and aromatherapy for 16 years and currently practice medicinal aromatherapy. I integrate all aspects of my experiences ranging from shamanic practices, the plant and tree kingdom, angelic work, emotional decoding, astrology, yoga and the knowledge of the human body into my intuitive healing work. 

I believes that anyone who asks for help is a gift and I honor everyone as an expression of my own self. I feel it is truly an honor and blessing to help clients find their power to create the life they want and guide them on their journey.

I reside in the Reno/Tahoe, Nevada area with my son and work at Tres Image spa. 

E-Mail: [hidden email]