When we become out of balance with the field of creation, we begin to decay. We are no longer coordinated with the flow of creation and it begins to wall us off, compacting, even encapsulating energy around our weakest areas until we become sick or dysfunctional and our illness, our dysfunction, continues to deteriorate as blossoming doom. Decay becomes disease and our ultimate consumption from life to nothingness. If we do not become back in tune, in alignment with all of creation, it will consume us until there is nothing left.

When we return back into universal harmonization, there is a momentary bump in our energy system as it reboots. Then, we begin to pulse with the rhythm of timelessness and our healthfulness returns.

Certified Practitioners

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Level two Touching the Light Practitioners have dedicated themselves to two years of training and private mentorship with Dr. Meg. All of Dr. Meg's students are given private instruction not only in the Touching the Light processes, but in self recognition and personal growth and life skills as well. They have certified through the level one program and are proficient at addressing the etheric anatomy and its problems and nuances that my be affecting the health or life experience of their clients. They have in the Touching the Light processes. They have also received mentorship for advanced problem areas and practiced in an additional year of intensive training with Dr. Meg. They are adept at finding and addressing extreme dysfunctions in the energy field as well as past life issues, influences from the spirit world, UFO abductions, entities clearing of locations, and other unusual circumstances.

Level Two practitioners are certified by Dr. Meg to perform full hologram Living Light Symbols sessions which are a high frequency initiation and attunements using the Living Light Symbols, which are the language of our Source. 
~ Meg Blackburn Losey

Lynn S. Bachrach

Lynn S. Bachrach
Fort Lauderdale FL


Hi, my name is Lynn S. Bachrach and I have been a "regular" person in this third dimensional world for a while, having founded and run a couple of healthcare-related companies for 27 years.

In this second phase of my life, I am thrilled that I am now living my passion, what I feel all my prior experiences have led me to. My vision is, “Our world shifts as people heal with energy work.”

In support of the exciting and amazing Touching the Light work, I have also earned certifications as a Qigong Master Healer, an Advanced ThetaHealer™, was ordained by the Order of Melchizedek, am a Certified Agent of Conscious Evolution and a Certified Angel Healer Practitioner™.

Having the opportunity to help people by being a channel for divine energies fills my soul and I believe is the reason that I am here in this body on this Earth in this wondrous time.

Here is a sample client comment:

“I had a serious skin condition for over three years. I tried traditional medicine, acupuncture, naturopathic medicine, reiki and a variety of other traditional and complementary approaches with very little improvement. About five months ago, I had my first out of three Touching the Light Sessions with you, and after an initial adjustment period of just over a week, my body has stabilized with 90% improvement. Based on my personal experience and what I have seen this healing modality do for others as well, I would recommend Touching the Light for any physical, emotional or spiritual challenges one might be having. Thank you so much.
– Lynn Paschke Brown, Pompano Beach, FL

For additional client comments, please feel free to visit my website.

If it feels right in your heart, please feel free to call me on 954.492.9750 or email me.

In oneness, with so much love,


Web: http://www.ttlharmony.com/
E-Mail: [hidden email]
Phone: 954.492.9750