When we become out of balance with the field of creation, we begin to decay. We are no longer coordinated with the flow of creation and it begins to wall us off, compacting, even encapsulating energy around our weakest areas until we become sick or dysfunctional and our illness, our dysfunction, continues to deteriorate as blossoming doom. Decay becomes disease and our ultimate consumption from life to nothingness. If we do not become back in tune, in alignment with all of creation, it will consume us until there is nothing left.

When we return back into universal harmonization, there is a momentary bump in our energy system as it reboots. Then, we begin to pulse with the rhythm of timelessness and our healthfulness returns.

Certified Practitioners

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Level two Touching the Light Practitioners have dedicated themselves to two years of training and private mentorship with Dr. Meg. All of Dr. Meg's students are given private instruction not only in the Touching the Light processes, but in self recognition and personal growth and life skills as well. They have certified through the level one program and are proficient at addressing the etheric anatomy and its problems and nuances that my be affecting the health or life experience of their clients. They have in the Touching the Light processes. They have also received mentorship for advanced problem areas and practiced in an additional year of intensive training with Dr. Meg. They are adept at finding and addressing extreme dysfunctions in the energy field as well as past life issues, influences from the spirit world, UFO abductions, entities clearing of locations, and other unusual circumstances.

Level Two practitioners are certified by Dr. Meg to perform full hologram Living Light Symbols sessions which are a high frequency initiation and attunements using the Living Light Symbols, which are the language of our Source. 
~ Meg Blackburn Losey

Daniela Lanaia of Aluna Healing

Daniela Lanaia
Aluna Healing


Since childhood, I have been drawn towards the healing arts, and the magical/spiritual substance imbued within the Earth. I have spent much of my life in wild landscapes, sacred sites and with Nature. I have also traveled and learned from native peoples and healers of the Americas and the British Isles, learning and reawakening to ways of ancient wisdom our sacred relationship with Mother Earth.

Training with Dr Meg was (and still is) a beautiful journey that gave me a map and tools to use the healing gifts I had been playing with intuitively since I was a child. Touching the Light is a sacred work of clearing, realigning and calling our essence back into resonance. It spans dimensions, time and space and the possibilities within this modality are infinite. I am constantly in awe of the beauty and power of the work, as the dams that have blocked your system are gently released, allowing the rivers and streams of light to flow through you again, creating space and transformation in your life. 

I use earth energies and crystalline frequencies as well as codes of light. I love the Touching the Light Healing practice, and weaving light frequencies and tones through my voice into the healing practice. It is a great honour through mergence with my clients, to be in the presence of their soul. To listen and work gently with your system, clearing and rebalancing, helping to re-align you with your essence and make grounded, lasting changes in your life is an honour and a work that I deeply enjoy.

I also offer work with sacred sound, shamanic practices and spiritual life coaching, and elements of this are woven into healing sessions. 

Testimonial from a client:

"The session with Daniela has had a profound and powerfully healing impact. It illuminated and resolved core issues, and restored energetic balance and health in my system. Everything she identified and worked on in my field tallied precisely with struggles, blocks and even health problems I had experienced over many years but never been able to overcome.

Since the session I have experienced an enhanced sense of physical wellbeing and an ability to move beyond patterns and challenges that had formerly held me back in life. The session has had a transformational effect in my ongoing process to reclaim my soul and live from my heart, in communion with Mother Earth and the Divine Father. I sense that Daniela's healing is a catalyst for shifts in my being that will lead to me being more fully able to experience the light of my soul's essence and have my life be an expression of this in the world, for which I am filled with immense gratitude." ~ Layne 

I live in the Scottish Highlands and work with people all over the world through online sessions. I will be honoured to work with you!

Web: https://www.alunahealing.co.uk/
E-Mail: [hidden email]