When we become out of balance with the field of creation, we begin to decay. We are no longer coordinated with the flow of creation and it begins to wall us off, compacting, even encapsulating energy around our weakest areas until we become sick or dysfunctional and our illness, our dysfunction, continues to deteriorate as blossoming doom. Decay becomes disease and our ultimate consumption from life to nothingness. If we do not become back in tune, in alignment with all of creation, it will consume us until there is nothing left.

When we return back into universal harmonization, there is a momentary bump in our energy system as it reboots. Then, we begin to pulse with the rhythm of timelessness and our healthfulness returns.

Certified Practitioners

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Level two Touching the Light Practitioners have dedicated themselves to two years of training and private mentorship with Dr. Meg. All of Dr. Meg's students are given private instruction not only in the Touching the Light processes, but in self recognition and personal growth and life skills as well. They have certified through the level one program and are proficient at addressing the etheric anatomy and its problems and nuances that my be affecting the health or life experience of their clients. They have in the Touching the Light processes. They have also received mentorship for advanced problem areas and practiced in an additional year of intensive training with Dr. Meg. They are adept at finding and addressing extreme dysfunctions in the energy field as well as past life issues, influences from the spirit world, UFO abductions, entities clearing of locations, and other unusual circumstances.

Level Two practitioners are certified by Dr. Meg to perform full hologram Living Light Symbols sessions which are a high frequency initiation and attunements using the Living Light Symbols, which are the language of our Source. 
~ Meg Blackburn Losey

Attila Kovacs

Attila Kovacs
Bellevue WA


I was born and raised in Hungary. My family was Atheist and where God’s name was everything but good. I had little to no spiritual guidance. As I began to have awareness of not only the world around me but the world inside of me, I began to ask myself “who am I?” And other questions like “Who can I be?”.

I sought out and learned from the best teachers, those who all cared about everything but paying attention to a growing miracle. As I look back now, I know who I was and am blessed in many ways that as a child with no guidance of the heart and soul, what was possible and that all of that was infinite in its possibilities, I wonder how I survived such a cruel environment and even further, how in my process of survival I found my sense of the sacred and all that is holy.

Many of us understand that we’re protected by our Angels, our family of light, (I know I must have given them many opportunities to intervene…Kept them busy! LOL) After many years, I found the courage to speak my truth, it was as if a window had opened and the stifling of me from my family and the hard environment we lived in washed away. As the heaviness flowed from me, my heart began to open and I could feel the love inside of me. It was a brilliant moment. I realized that I AM ALIVE and it is beautiful!! As this new life surged through me from my heart, something hot flowed through the palms of my hands. I had no idea what was happening, all I knew was that It felt good, especially when I shared that warmth with others it poured from me. Little did I know, I was quickly and naturally becoming a true healer.

One day decided that I needed to change my life as I had known it, and I moved to the United States, beginning over from scratch. As I adjusted, for a little while the energy flow through my hands stopped, or I didn’t notice it because I was in survival mode having thrown myself into every type of change imaginable.

One night as I was contemplating my life, I recognized I was alone, and I felt really sad. With tears in my eyes, I opened my mouth for the second time in my life to pray. I didn’t know who I was talking to, all I knew was that I needed to say those words to the Universe, to God. The next day I as I awakened I knew that I needed to begin meditating. I started for a while but then stopped.

About 14 years ago I met someone, who showed me a door, and said “I can only show you the way, but it is your choice to open the door into a different way of being or not” In that moment I embraced myself as a spiritual being. Once I discovered the real me, I learned to help myself. Remarkably, I also realized that I could help others when ever, and how ever, I am guided.

In 2005 I was introduced to aternative types of healing. I began to realize what we can do with the Love and Light in our hearts when we use it honestly and without ego, unbelievable things can happen.

In July 2006 I met Dr Meg Blackburn Losey and fell in Love with her Energy and the “Pyramids of Light Healing” modality that she was teaching at the time. As we all blossom, so did her work. It matured and grew into something amazing and today we respectfully call it Touching The Light or T.T.L for short.

I am so grateful for Dr Meg, to have welcomed Touching the Light to Mature so that she can teach it not only as a healing modality but also as a deep series of wonderful life tools and how to live from our perfection instead of our pain. It is the pain that gives us the contrast to recognize the immensity of our perfect selves. Through Dr. Meg I have learned to bring the Light through my heart and into my hands. There is so much to the experience that it is impossible to find words. Both doing the work and receiving the work are all encompassing. It was there in the beginning, and I found myself growing with Touching the Light long before it grew into the infinite. I am proud and grateful to be a part of the T.T.L family, adding this beautiful energy that We are to the whole to serve your needs.

Thank you for reading my bio, I will be honored to work with you. With Us, intricate parts of the One, together who knows what will come? Ask, be open, and together that which is light will create the most perfect you. Just say “Yes!” Open your heart and be willing to accept what you have asked for. Miracles are possible. If you feel that I resonate with your heart, please e-mail me to set up an appointment. I will get back to you asap.

Love & Light to you forever, Rev. Attila “P”

E-Mail: [hidden email]